The fellowship is INDIVIDUAL, it is you as an individual that matters and YOUR career story. Let the reviewers know your ambition and your career goal. Throughout the application show solid evidence of the skills you already have – both technical and transferable. Identify the gap between your existing skills and your career goal. This gap is the exact reason you need this fellowship! And, by the way, will also be a part of your Career Training Plan.

Fellowships are awarded to the most talented and promising researchers. Your aim is to convince the reviewers that you are one of them! How? Your INDIVIDUAL CV! As suggested in Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships Guide for Applicants, here is what you have to impress the reviewers with:

Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, peer-reviewed conference proceedings and/or monographs of their respective research fields, indicating also the number of citations (excluding self-citations) they have attracted. If you are not the main author, write your exact role in the publication.

-Granted patent(s).

Research monographs, chapters in collective volumes and any translations thereof.

Invited presentations to peer-reviewed, internationally established conferences and/or international advanced schools.

Research expeditions led by the experienced researcher.

Organisation of International conferences in your field(s) of research, including membership in the steering and/or programme committee.

-Examples of participation in industrial innovation.

Prizes and Awards.

Funding received so far.

Supervising and mentoring activities.